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Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hotel & Hostel Negombo

Discover our top-rated hostel in Negombo, offering a memorable experience for global travelers. Just 10 minutes from the Colombo airport and 15 minutes from the scenic Negombo Beach, our location is ideal for exploring this coastal gem. Our well-appointed rooms ensure relaxation and modern amenities, catering to solo travelers, groups, or families. 

Arrive with ease – only 10 minutes from the Colombo airport (Bandaranaike International Airport, airport code CMB) at Katunayake. starting your Sri Lankan adventure right away. Embrace the beach life with Negombo Beach a short 15-minute stroll away, where water sports and sun-soaked bliss await. Explore nearby cultural marvels like the Dutch Fort, historic churches, and vibrant fish markets. Forge friendships in our communal areas with travelers from diverse backgrounds. 

Experience Ceylon Lodge – the best hostel in Negombo, offering proximity, comfort, adventure, and lasting connections. Book now and make memories of a lifetime.

Our Impact & Aims

Empowering Differently Abled Individuals

By partnering with differently abled individuals to stitch our bed linens & dry-cleaning. We provide them with meaningful employment opportunities and promote inclusivity.

Environmental Responsibility

- Through our recycling and waste management initiatives, we minimize our ecological footprint and actively encourage responsible waste disposal practices among our guests.

Community Engagement

- Our monthly activities, such as cleaning the nearby Maha Oya River, allow guests to actively participate in preserving the natural beauty of Sri Lanka and promote awareness.

Education and Awareness

- We strive to educate our guests about the importance of sustainability, social responsibility, and supporting local initiatives, empowering them to make conscious choices.

Knowledge is power

Learn about Sri lanka & it's culture

Our goal on this website is to help promote healthier and hassle free travel for all tourist. Therefore we like to go the extra mile of providing excellent tips to better their experiences in Sri Lanka. 

Transit Tips: Making the Most of Your Layover in Sri Lanka

Maximize your transit time in Sri Lanka with our expert tips and suggestions for quick city tours, local experiences, and convenient airport transfers.

Unveiling Sri Lanka: Hidden Gems and Must-Visit Destinations

Explore lesser-known attractions and off-the-beaten-path destinations recommended by our knowledgeable staff.
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Tours & Walks

Experience what its' like to be local

Maximize your stay at the Best Hostel in Sri Lanka! We organize local walks, offer tips for traveling the country. Our team knows hidden gems, top attractions. Interested in history, nature, or markets? We recommend the best spots.

But that’s not all. Our immersive approach continues with a unique guest-exclusive travel plan. On-site, get a personalized itinerary highlighting Sri Lanka’s finest.

This plan goes beyond the ordinary, introducing local tastes at budget-friendly prices. Experience authentic cuisine – from fragrant curries to street food delights. Discover Sri Lanka’s flavors with us, your Best Hostel in Sri Lanka