Where Should your Journey in Sri Lanka Start?

Table of Contents Start exploring the charms of Negombo. Hello fellow globetrotters! Wondering where to begin with? Your first stop? Leave your worries behind, at Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel we got you covered! Start exploring the charms of Negombo. Start your journey with Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit  Hostel, which is right in-between the Colombo […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Pre-booking Train Tickets in Sri Lanka

Table of Contents Reserve in Person Book by Telephone Book Online with Tour Operators  Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel Warning Note on Exporail and Rajadhani  More Information If you’re planning to explore the beauty of Sri Lanka by train, worry not! We’ve got you covered with multiple convenient ways to book your tickets in advance. […]

Join the Exciting Arugam Bay Half Marathon 2023: Embrace the Spirit of Sri Lanka!

Exciting Arugam Bay half marathon: Table of Contents Event details: Where to be Part of the Action Stay Hydrated and Show Your Support Calling all running enthusiasts! The Arugam Bay Half Marathon is a highly anticipated annual gathering that takes place in the stunning coastal town of Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. This time the event […]

Crowd-Free Bliss: Where to Unwind in Arugam Bay during 2023

Where to unwind in Arugam Bay: Table of Contents Introduction Where to find peace and friendly locals – Sinhapura Road Escape the Crowds and Embrace Nature Highly Recommended Accommodation, Where to Unwind in Arugam Bay Share Your Experience Introduction Arugam Bay has long been a magnet for tourists, drawing them to the main road and […]

Updated Negombo to Arugam Bay Bus Times April to September 2023

Negombo to Arugam Bay bus times: Table of Contents Begin your journey from Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel From Negombo terminal to Colombo  From Colombo to Arugam Bay (Pottuvil) From Arugam Bay (Pottuvil) to Colombo Hello travelers! This blog provides you a complete bus route guide from Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit  Hostel to Arugam Bay. […]

Arugam Bay – Top Accommodation Picks for 2023

Arugam Bay top accommodation picks: Table of Contents Arugam Bay Top Accommodation Picks: The Finest Hotels Offering Pool Experiences Where the Sea Meets Luxury: Top Accommodations with Spectacular Sea Views Discover Serenity: Top Destinations Offering Yoga Classes Unleash Your Surfing Adventure with Unbeatable Access! Pamper Yourself in Paradise: Discover Hotels with Spa and Massage Facilities! […]

The Top Arugam Bay Hostels & Hotels of 2023

Top Arugam Bay hostels & hotels: Table of Contents  Little Lagoon Hostel The Long Hostel Lucky Bay Babar Point Key Takeaways: Wrapping Up Your Journey Unveiling Top Arugam Bay Hostels: A Complete Guide to Understanding It Better Arugam Bay, a mesmerizing coastal paradise, now boasts fantastic hostels and hotels that cater to every traveler’s needs. […]

Negombo to Arugam Bay by Taxi 2023

Negombo to Arugam Bay by taxi: Table of Contents Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Exciting Updates and News Discover the Convenience and Savings of Taxi Sharing: Unleashing Incredible Savings for Travelers! Mastering the Art of Efficient Routing: Your Guide to Smooth Navigation! Stay Updated with Current Prices: Unveiling the Latest Costs! Exclusive Offers from Sri […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Accommodation in Sri Lanka

Guide to finding the perfect accommodation in Sri Lanka: Table of Contents How to Find a Perfect Accommodation Without Breaking your Bank? Finding the best accommodations around Sri Lanka has always been a challenge. Since tourism in Sri Lanka isn’t that evolved there is a lot of factors to think before booking. Most of all […]

Ella, Sri Lanka – Top-rated Things to Do & See

Ella-Things to Do & See: Table of Contents Ella Things to Do & See: Climb Little Adam's Peak Conquer Ella Rock Visit the Iconic Nine Arches Bridge Marvel at Diyaluma Falls Explore a Tea Factory Discover Ravana Falls and Ravana Ella Cave Enjoy the Splendor of Lipton's Seat Take a Sri Lankan Cooking Class Experience […]