Are you planning an exciting trip to Sri Lanka? Don’t let currency exchange worries dampen your adventure!

Currency Exchange Dos and Dont’s 

  • Avoid pre-ordering Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) from your home country, as the rates are better in Sri Lanka.
  • Bring out and exchange other major currencies  like AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, NZD, JPY, SGD, CHF, USD, AED, and CNY, conveniently.

The Best Places to Exchange Currencies 

  • For easy currency exchange, you’ll find banks at the airport operating 24/7, but will offer a lower rate than the other city banks.
  • Alternatively, licensed money changers will offer better rates. Note! double-check the transaction and count the money carefully before leaving.

 Paying in Local Currency

  • Many hotels in Sri Lanka advertise prices in USD but require payment in LKR. It’s wise to inquire in advance about the currencies they accept and the exchange rates they apply.
  • Some hotels do accept USD or other major currencies, it’s worth to know beforehand what currencies are accepted.

Currency Import/Export Limits

  • For those planning to carry LKR, the limit is 5000 LKR. However, foreign currencies (except Indian and Pakistani currencies) can be imported without declaration up to 15,000 USD.
  • If you’re exporting an amount exceeding 5000 USD, it must be declared when entering the country.