Arugam Bay top accommodation picks:

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Arugam Bay Top Accommodation Picks: The Finest Hotels Offering Pool Experiences

1. Oruwa Boutique Villa – For families looking to make lasting memories, Oruwa Boutique Villa provides excellent options, including an outdoor swimming pool.

2. Jetwing Surf – Indulge in luxury. A high-end resort in Pottuvil, catering to those with exquisite tastes.

3. Babar Point – offers an unforgettable and affordable experience, perfect for couples seeking a romantic retreat in Whiskey Point.

4. Arugambay Roccos – Enjoy a splendid beach view at Roccos, a fantastic hotel offering a picturesque setting.

5. The Spice Trail – Spice Trail promises a paradise of delicious delights to tantalize your taste buds.

Where the Sea Meets Luxury: Top Accommodations with Spectacular Sea Views

1. Whisky Point Resort –  Perfect for couples

2. Beach Hut – Perfect stay for backpackers

3. Surf N Sun – A relaxing stay in a tropical garden

4. Bay Vista – Surf access 

5. Jetwing Surf – High-end resort

6. Stay Golden – Chill and relax

Discover Serenity: Top Destinations Offering Yoga Classes

1. Stay Golden – Chill and relax

2. Bay Vista – Surf access

3. Surf & Sand Hotel Arugambay – Chill and relax

4. Surf n Sun – Relaxing stay in a tropical garden

Unleash Your Surfing Adventure with Unbeatable Access!

1. 468 Cabanas and Restaurant – Ideal for water activities

2. Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing – Pottuvil point

3. Focus Cabanas – Baby Point

4. Arugambay Roccos – Surf access

Pamper Yourself in Paradise: Discover Hotels with Spa and Massage Facilities!

1. Whiskey Point Resort (Pottuvil) – Beachfront

2. Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing – Pottuvil Point

3. Forcus Cabanas – Baby Point

Captivating Destinations: Perfect Spots for Instagrammers and Bloggers to Explore!

1. Jetwing Surf –  Pottuvil Point

2. Kottukal Beach House by Jetwing – Amazing View

3. Orwa Boutique Villas – The place to be

Surf n Sun – Tropical Gardens

Elevate Your Fun: Top Picks for Drinking and Partying Experiences!

1. Beach Hut – Chill

2. Beach Cab Resort – Meet travelers

3. Long Hostel – Great Place