Where to unwind in Arugam Bay:


Arugam Bay has long been a magnet for tourists, drawing them to the main road and beach, spanning from Pottuvil lagoon to Main Point. However, this once charming spot has lost some of its allure due to the overwhelming crowds, constant traffic, boisterous all-night parties, and pushy local vendors. But fear not! If you’re yearning for a more serene and genuine experience, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered in Arugam Bay.

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Where to find peace and friendly locals – Sinhapura Road

In 2023, a promising new haven has emerged for those yearning for tranquility, authentic local life, pristine beaches, and minimal tourism. South of Arugam Bay, along Sinhapura Road, a few hostels and guesthouses have opened their doors, offering a sanctuary just a short 10-minute walk from the bustling main area.

Escape the Crowds and Embrace Nature

 The beach along Sinhapura Road stretches all the way to the serene Elephant Rock to the south, passing by Crocodile Rock, while a quick 10-minute walk leads you north to Main Point. This entire area has remained relatively untouched by tourism until now, making it an ideal spot for exploration, especially by bike.

 For travelers enticed by this peaceful oasis, several highly rated accommodations await your stay:

  1. Stay Golden: Experience high-quality cabanas and a restaurant with breathtaking sea views, complemented by a tranquil yoga shala. (Available on Booking.com)

  2. Drift: Enjoy clean and budget-friendly rooms exuding happy vibes, ensuring a comfortable stay. (Available on Booking.com)

  3. Hangover Hostels: For surf enthusiasts, these clean dorm rooms boast the perfect location in close proximity to the waves. (Available on Booking.com)

Share Your Experience

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Embark on a memorable adventure in Arugam Bay, away from the crowds, and embrace the natural beauty and warmth of the local culture along Sinhapura Road. Book your stay now as these highly sought-after accommodations are expected to fill up quickly this year!