From Negombo to Wilpattu National Park:

Hello travelers!

Looking for a wildlife getaway? Look no more to explore one of the best wildlife national park in Sri Lanka, Wilpattu National Park. Located across the Puttlam and Anuradhapura district. This comprehensive guide will guide you to the beautiful wildlife park with most budget-friendly options.


Begin your journey from Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel

  • Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel is located right in between the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)  and Negombo. It’s only a 5 minutes drive from the Colombo airport ( BIA) to the hostel and Negombo is 10 minutes away from the hostel.
  • You can get a bus every 10 minutes from Ceylon Lodge because right next to the hostel is the bus stop.

By Bus 

  • Take the 242 bus from Ceylon Lodge to Negombo bus terminal.
  • The ticket cost will be 100 Rupees per person.
  • It will only take 10 minutes to reach Negombo.
  • Take the bus to Anuradhapura from Negombo. Note! There are no direct buses to Wilpattu from Negombo therefore you’ll have to switch the bus from Anuradhapura to Wilpattu then proceed to the park by a tuk-tuk.

By Train

  • Take the 242 bus from Ceylon Lodge to Negombo train station.
  • From the station take the train to Puttlam.
  • The ticket cost will be between 100-200 Rupees per person.
  • From Puttlam proceed to Wilpattu National Park by a tuk-tuk.

By Taxi

  • On your request to Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel, a taxi can be arranged at the cheapest price to drop you off at Wilpattu National Park.