How to Get a Taxi from Colombo Airport

Get a taxi from Colombo Airport: Table of Contents Reliable Colombo Airport Taxi and Transfer Services in Sri Lanka for Comfortable Travel Overview of Colombo Airport Taxi Services Introduction to Colombo Airport Taxi Benefits of Utilizing Airport Taxi Services Choosing the Right Taxi Service for Your Needs Options for Airport Transfers Nearby Hotels & Hostels […]

Coffee Shops in Negombo

Coffee shops in Negombo: Table of Contents Coffee shops in Negombo: Discover the Best Coffee Shops and Cafés in Negombo, Sri Lanka Introduction to Negombo Negombo's History and Culture Why Negombo is Famous for Coffee Exploring the Coffee Culture in Negombo Top Coffee Shops and Cafés Dolce Vita – A Local Favorite Café One – […]

Poya Day Calendar – 2023 Sri Lanka

Poya day calendar: Table of Contents Introduction Overview of Public Holidays in Sri Lanka Significance of Poya Days 2023 Poya Day Calendar List of Poya Days in 2023 Poya Days Falling on Sundays Bank Holidays in 2023 Poya Days in Different Months Poya Days in August 2023 Poya Days in December 2023 Poya Days in […]

Public Holidays in Sri Lanka- 2023

Public holidays in Sri Lanka: Table of Contents Upcoming 2023 Public Holidays in Sri Lanka – Plan Your Sri Lankan Holidays Now Sri Lanka Public Holidays 2023 Overview of Public Holidays in Sri Lanka List of National Holidays in 2023 Bank Holidays in Sri Lanka Full Moon Poya Days Significance of Full Moon Poya Days […]

What is a Kottu?

Table of Contents Kottu: Delicious Sri Lankan Street Food: Discover the Flavors of Kottu Roti, Sri Lanka's Favorite Dish What is Kottu Roti and why is it so popular in Sri Lanka? The origins of Kottu Roti How is Kottu Roti made? The unique flavors of Kottu Roti Where can you find the best Kottu […]

How to Get from Negombo to Yala National Park

Negombo to Yala National Park: Table of Contents Where to Begin your Journey? Negombo to Yala National Park by Bus Negombo to Yala National Park by Train Negombo to Yala National Park by Taxi Exploring Yala National Park Popular Tourist Attractions Safari Tours Best Wildlife Experiences Conclusion Q: What's the best way to get from […]

Negombo Bus Terminal To Ceylon Lodge

By Negombo bus to Ceylon Lodge : Table of Contents Negombo Bus Terminal By Bus To Ceylon Lodge By Tuk-Tuk To Ceylon Lodge By PickMe To Ceylon Lodge Negombo Bus Terminal By Bus To Ceylon Lodge Take the divulapitiya bus from Negombo bus station (242 – bus, labelled on the top of the bus on […]

Hotel Recommendations: Best Places to Stay near Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo

Best places to stay near Bandaranaike International Airport: Table of Contents What are the best hotels near Bandaranaike International Airport? Where can I find hotels near Bandaranaike International Airport? What are the best hotels in Colombo? Which hotels are located near Colombo city center? Are there any 5-star hotels near Colombo? Q: Where can I […]

A Scenic Escape: Kandy to Ella Train Adventure

Table of Contents Exploring the Kandy to Ella Train Route: Booking Kandy to Ella Train Tickets: Selecting Your Seat: Train Ticket Prices: Top Tips for Your Kandy to Ella Train Experience: Venturing on the Kandy to Ella train journey promises an awe-inspiring experience, where breathtaking landscapes unfold during the approximately 6-7 hour ride. From lush […]

Unveiling the Best Travel Secrets: Why Colombo Might Not Be Your Ideal Backpacking Starting Point

Table of Contents  If Colombo is not the ideal location, then where should your first stop be?   Why choose Negombo and not Colombo?  Hello backpackers! Heading on a backpacking adventure is an absolute thrill, but the choice of your starting point can be the ultimate game-changer for an unforgettable experience. Colombo, the city of lights […]