Negombo to Sigiriya:

Hello travelers!

This is a comprehensive bus route guide from Ceylon Lodge to Sigiriya. The bus stop is ight next to our hostel.

Start your journey from Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel

  • Take the 242 bus from Ceylon Lodge to Divulapitiya.
  • It will take 10 minutes to reach Divulapitiya.
  • The ticket cost will be 100 Rupees per person.

From Divulapitiya bus stop to Kurunegala

  • Take the Kurunegala bus from Divulapitiya bus stop.
  • Approximately the ride will be 3 hours.
  • The ticket fare will be 250 Rupees per person.

From Kurunegala to Sigiriya

  • Take the Sigiriya bus from Kurunegala bus stop.
  • It will take about 1 hr and 43 minutes to reach Sigiriya.
  • The cost will be around 150-200 Rupees per person.

Other Options


On your request, Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel can arrange you a vehicle to drop you to your destination.