Guide to finding the perfect accommodation in Sri Lanka:

Finding the best accommodations around Sri Lanka has always been a challenge. Since tourism in Sri Lanka isn’t that evolved there is a lot of factors to think before booking.

Most of all there are somethings that you won’t understand if it’s your first time in Sri Lanka. A Hotel in Sri Lanka necessarily might not even have accommodation to begin with, which is very frequent around the island nation.

Let me be clear, these were the same policies I followed to build my hostel (Ceylon Lodge) right here.


Guide to finding the Perfect Accommodation in Sri Lanka Without Breaking your Bank?


These are my personal filters I use on a daily basis to find great accommodations that don’t break the budgets.

  • Find accommodations that are 5-10 KM away from the city center. (Less noise & more access to authentic food)
  • Look at the map very carefully to see if the accommodation is close to a bus route. (This makes sure that you will have the convenience to hop into a bus and go anywhere you prefer)
  • Look through the map for restaurants, supermarkets & ATMs etc. You could even visit the official website of the accommodation to see what’s around. We at Ceylon Lodge have this, you could have a look through here.
  • Make sure there are competitors around the property and the prices are fair.
  • Make sure the ratings on are over 9.0 or over 4.0 on Airbnb.