Venturing on the Kandy to Ella train journey promises an awe-inspiring experience, where breathtaking landscapes unfold during the approximately 6-7 hour ride. From lush tea plantations to majestic mountains, every moment offers a picturesque view that will leave you spellbound. This travel marvel is not only comfortable but also allows you to move freely through the carriages, capturing incredible Instagram-worthy shots (although it’s best to avoid hanging out of the carriage doors!). In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share essential tips and insights for making the most of your Kandy to Ella train adventure.

Exploring the Kandy to Ella Train Route:

The Kandy to Ella train route boasts a range of scenic attractions, but if you’re keen on traversing the renowned Nine Arch Bridge (Demodara Nine Arch Bridge), it’s ideal to start your journey from Kandy. For an equally delightful experience, you can book a ticket to Badulla, which takes you over the Nine Arch Bridge located just past Ella. There’s also a stop called Demodara, approximately 3km away from Ella, but it’s advisable to check train schedules beforehand to plan your route.

Booking Kandy to Ella Train Tickets:

To secure your tickets, you can  visit a train station directly, which allows you to purchase tickets for specific dates and times. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially for second-class seats, as this popular route tends to fill up quickly. We recommend verifying the train schedule at the station to ensure smooth planning for your journey.

Selecting Your Seat:

Sri Lankan railways offer various ticket options, including reserved and unreserved seats in first, second, and third classes. While third-class unreserved tickets are the most economical and popular with locals, second-class reserved seats provide a comfortable and authentic experience. You’ll have ample space, fold-out tables, and large windows to capture the stunning scenery. As for first-class, it offers air-conditioned comfort but lacks the authentic feel of the journey. Observation cars are available on certain trains, providing an extra-wide view but with windows and doors locked.

Train Ticket Prices:

Train ticket prices vary based on the class and when and where you purchase them.  However, prices fluctuate due to the time of year, vendor, and class chosen, so it’s essential to research and plan accordingly.

Top Tips for Your Kandy to Ella Train Experience:

  • Be prepared for crowding during peak tourist seasons and anticipate some pushing and shoving when boarding.
  • Always dispose of rubbish responsibly and avoid littering during your journey.
  • Stay safe and avoid reckless behavior while taking photographs; leaning out of carriages is not recommended.
  • Plan your seat placement based on your direction of travel for the best views.
  • Bring plenty of snacks and beverages to keep you comfortable during the long journey.