Greetings, fellow adventurers!

Today, let’s embark on a journey through the world of hostels in Sri Lanka, where budget-friendly accommodations and vibrant social atmospheres await. As an avid traveler & hostel owner myself with experiences in various hostels across the country, I’m thrilled to share some invaluable advice and precautions to ensure your safety and make the most of your hostel experience in Sri Lanka. 

So, let’s dive in!

Sri Lanka overall has very theft & crime compared to most parts of Asia. Let’s hope you start your journey with us so that you can meet me in person to have a better understanding. So let’s hope you start your journey in Negombo at Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit!

Let me try to put everything I can into words for you over here.

Prioritize Safety


Choosing the Right Hostel: When selecting a hostel in Sri Lanka, safety should be your top priority. Conduct thorough research by reading reviews from fellow travelers on platforms like Hostelworld or Look for mentions of security measures, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere. Opt for hostels that prioritize guest safety, offer secure lockers, and have reliable staff available 24/7. I would use this filter at all times to get the best deals on 5-10 KM away from the city center but right at the main bus route. This way I don’t have to pay to stay at a city which is crowded in noisy. But since it’s a bus route I can always get on a bus which can be just 10 minutes away usually. (Costs $0.30 or 100 rupees). I practice what I preach, which is why I built Ceylon Lodge Airport transit right in between the airport & the Negombo town. Making it cheaper for me provide you are better service. 

Essential Precautions

a) Secure Your Belongings:

Hostels typically provide lockers, but it’s wise to bring your own padlock to ensure the safety of your valuables. Before arriving, confirm the availability and size of lockers at your chosen hostel. By taking this simple precaution, you can relax and enjoy your time without worrying about your belongings.

b) Personal Document Safety:

While hostels take precautions, it’s advisable to carry essential documents, such as your passport, credit cards, and cash, with you at all times. Consider using a discreet travel pouch or a money belt that can be worn under your clothing for added security.

c) Stay Vigilant:

While Sri Lanka is generally a safe destination, it’s important to exercise caution and common sense. Avoid walking alone late at night, especially in unfamiliar areas. Trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings. If you have any concerns, seek assistance from hostel staff or fellow travelers.


Embrace Cultural Sensitivity


Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka and respect local customs. Dress modestly, particularly when visiting religious sites or conservative areas. Seek permission before taking photographs of individuals or sacred places. Engaging with locals and learning about their customs will enhance your experience and foster mutual respect. At Temples it is a must to wear clothes that covers below your knee caps and covers your shoulders.


Connect and Engage


One of the joys of staying in hostels is the opportunity to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Engage in conversations, join communal activities, and share your experiences. Hostels often organize social events, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. However, always exercise caution and use your judgment when interacting with others.


Emergency Preparedness


While we hope for smooth travels, it’s crucial to be prepared for unexpected situations. Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and evacuation plans of the hostel you’re staying at. Keep a list of important contacts, such as the nearest hospital, embassy, and emergency services. Consider obtaining comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and trip cancellations.



As you embark on your journey through Sri Lanka, hostels offer a fantastic way to connect with fellow travelers, experience local culture, and stretch your budget. By prioritizing safety, taking necessary precautions, and embracing the diverse and vibrant atmosphere of hostels, you’ll create unforgettable memories and forge lifelong friendships. So, pack your backpack, dive into the world of Sri Lankan hostels, and let the adventure unfold!

Happy travels, fellow explorers!