Two weeks won’t be enough to backpack across Sri Lanka 


Even though the country looks small, the country is a combination of mountains, rivers, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, wild life & culture. Covering all these would definitely take time if your planning to travel in bus or the train. However you can always hire a private car to take you to destinations faster but remember this will affect your backpacking budget as it is not cheap to travel this way.


The food is just fabulous and cheap


Despite it been a little bit spicy (Not as spicy as Mexican or               Indian Food). The food is amazing specifically the Kottu and the Egg Hoppers everyone talks about. The food almost always costs below $1 and the Cheese Kottu specifically shared by us at Ceylon Lodge can be a good benchmark of how food would be like in Negombo.


Don’t have anything pre-booked (Apart from your stay at Ceylon Lodge)

Apart from staying at a place that’s close to the airport in Negombo. Do not make the mistake of booking rooms or hiring rides before arriving as you won’t be able to know when and how you will reach to a location. However keep note that the train ride from Kandy to Ella must be booked previously as its very hard to get it booked.


Public Transport is the cheapest & best way to travel around


Sri Lanka has a very good network of buses and trains however one thing to note is that the buses could have loud music and travel at high speeds. Therefore if that’s not your cup of tea I suggest you to move in trains which is comparatively very slow and inefficient. 


Drive a Tuktuk with an international driving license 


Ideally this would be perfect to travel all over Sri Lanka if you being careful with how you look after the Tuktuk and the wildlife on the road. Whilst the roads can be chaotic at times most parts of Sri Lanka can be calm and relaxing. If you are planning to hire a Tuktuk remember to use the App – Pickme Sri Lanka. Which gets you better deals than Uber usually however do check both as in some instances Uber tends to get cheaper. In terms of getting your a tuktuk to drive. There are plenty of offerings all around Sri Lanka.


Depending on the month you arrive your route around the country will change


During monsoon season in the south of the country, its best not to go towards the beaches whilst the beaches in Trincomalee and Arugam bay is really nice to surf as well. 

South-West Province: From April to August, the south-west monsoon brings rainfall to the south-western part of Sri Lanka. During this time, it’s best to head to the north or east coast for drier weather and more favorable conditions. However, from December to March, the south-west province experiences its dry season, making it an ideal time to explore this region.

North-East Province: The northeast monsoon occurs from October to January and affects the north-eastern part of Sri Lanka. To avoid the heavy rainfall and potential disruptions, it’s advisable to visit the central and southwest coast during this period. Conversely, from May to September, the northeastern parts of the country experience their dry season, offering more pleasant weather for exploration.

It’s important to note that October and November can be unpredictable, with erratic weather patterns and sporadic rainfall occurring across the country. Be prepared for rain showers and changes in weather conditions during these months.


Always have cash on you 


Whilst this is risky, it is noticed that throughout the country cards are not accepted as there are high bank fees on processing. Therefore it’s best to have cash on you when you are travelling.