Ceylon Lodge to Mirissa


Hello Travelers!

In this comprehensive guide you’ll find the most convenient travel options from Ceylon Lodge to Mirissa. Here, you’ll come across the most budget-friendly travel option to expensive, hence comfortable taxi drives.

Mirissa, a small coastal town located in the south coast region of Matara district, Southern province. Approximately 156 kilometers from Negombo. Mirissa is a popular tourist destination with mesmerizing tropical beaches. The town is also one of the island’s main whale and dolphin watching location.

Travel by Bus – Budget-friendly ride

From Ceylon Lodge to Negombo Terminal 

  • Take the 242 bus from Ceylon Lodge to Negombo terminal. Note! The bus station is located right next the hostel and you can find buses every 10 minutes.
  • The ticket cost will be 100 rupees per person.
  • Within 10 minutes time period you’ll be able to reach Negombo.

Negombo to Colombo by Bus

  • Take the 240 bus from Negombo to Colombo.
  • From Colombo take the bus to Matara and, get down from Mirissa.
  • Ticket cost from Negombo to Colombo in a Non-AC bus will be 150 Rupees per person and 300 Rupees in AC bus per person.
  • And, 300 Rupees per person in AC bus to travel from Colombo to Mirissa.

By Train

  • Take the 242 bus from Ceylon Lodge to Negombo station; (Ticket cost – 100 Rupees per person).
  • Take the train from Negombo to Colombo Fort.
  • Then, take another train from Colombo to Mirissa.

Taxi Ride – Expensive and Comfortable

  • At Ceylon Lodge Airport Transit Hostel, we’re able to arrange you a taxi at a fair price.