From Ella to Arugam Bay:

If you’re planning a journey from Ella to Arugam Bay and are seeking the most comfortable and convenient transfer options to make your trip special, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re considering public or private transfers, it’s crucial to ensure your dream holiday lives up to your expectations. In this guide, we’ll explore the available transfer modes to help you plan your ideal trip.


Taking the Bus to Arugam Bay From Ella

A bus moving in a crowded town

Another option for your journey is taking a bus. However, be prepared for the possibility of making connections along the way.

  • Your journey begins by catching a bus to Wellawaya from Ella.
  • From Wellawaya take the direct bus to Arugam Bay. Note! That direct buses may not be readily available.
  • Or else, proceed to Monaragala from Wellawaya bus.
  • Then from Monaragala take the bus to Arugam Bay. 

The comfort level on buses for long journeys can be a challenge, with travel times of about 7 to 8 hours or longer if you need to change buses. Additionally, limited departure options and crowded conditions may not make bus travel the best choice, especially when you’re traveling with children, the elderly, or lots of luggage.


By Train


Many travelers initially consider taking the train for its cost-effective travel fares and convenient transfer options. However, it’s essential to be aware of the challenges associated with train travel on this route. Firstly, there is no direct train transfer from Ella to Arugam Bay. Secondly, train departures are not as frequent as one might hope. Lastly, the journey time can be longer than expected.

If you’re traveling with children, the elderly, or excessive luggage, the train may not be the most suitable choice, as it can lead to exhaustion. To board a train, you must visit the train station in person to purchase your tickets, as online booking options are limited. Train departures typically occur in the morning, so if your accommodation is some distance from the station, you may need to arrange additional transportation.

Given Ella’s relatively small size, public transportation options are not always reliable, so meticulous planning is crucial. Alternatively, private transfers, including taxis or tuk-tuks, are available, although they may be slightly more expensive. The infrequency of trains makes it imperative to be punctual, as missing one can disrupt your plans and leave you feeling fatigued.

Be aware that there are no direct trains from Ella to Arugam Bay!

  • To reach Arugam Bay from Ella by train, you’ll need to travel to Batticaloa (The closet train station to Arugam Bay is Batticaloa).
  • From Batticaloa transfer to a bus heading to Arugam Bay.
  • Keep in mind that the bus journey may add several hours to your trip, and opting for a tuk-tuk or taxi will likely come at a higher cost.

Ella to Arugam Bay by Taxi


For those who prioritize comfort and efficiency, a private taxi is the way to go. Private taxis offer a direct, safe, and hassle-free experience, saving you precious time and ensuring a stress-free journey. Whether you’re traveling with children or carrying lots of luggage, a private taxi offers peace and relaxation throughout your ride. You can be dropped off at your preferred locations, adding convenience to your journey.




Your choice of transportation from Ella to Arugam Bay depends on your priorities and preferences. Private taxis offer comfort and convenience, while train and bus options require careful planning and consideration of the potential challenges they pose. Make your decision based on what suits your travel style and needs best.

Happy travels!