Hello backpackers!

Heading on a backpacking adventure is an absolute thrill, but the choice of your starting point can be the ultimate game-changer for an unforgettable experience. Colombo, the city of lights offers its own charm and allure but, it might not be the ideal choice to kickstart your backpacking journey.

 If Colombo is not the ideal location, then where should your first stop be? 

  • Select a hostel in-between the Colombo Airport and Negombo.

 Why choose Negombo and not Colombo? 

  • Negombo is only 25 minutes away from the Colombo Airport while it takes 45 minutes to travel to Colombo from the airport.
  • Colombo’s busy streets, its bustling traffic and the continuously beeping of the vehicles, can be overwhelming.
  • Limited natural escapes within the city of Colombo whereas Negombo has lot more to offer with its hidden beaches, lagoons, lush green paddy fields and more…
  • Colombo tends to have a higher cost of living compared to Negombo.
  • With its rich cultural heritage and vibrant city life, Colombo can be overwhelming for those seeking a more gradual immersion into Sri Lanka’s diverse culture. Beginning from a village will help you to ease into the cultural experience and form deeper connections with the locals.  

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